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Basic Lottery Math

Numbers often travel in a cluster;comprised of the Mirror, the Total, the Mate, Followers and Relatives.

A Mirror – 456-901

The Total for 456-543

A Mate 223-332

A Follower - 456-379,500,

A Cluster -116,166,074,106,401,726

Relatives for the Number 456 – 906,294,005,447,688,159,258,339,366,555

Lottery Math Workout Examples

For a Double - you will have a mate.

 Lottery Math For a Six-Way Number








This is a mirror chart. It is only two rows.


The Number directly under the top row is its’ mirror and the number directly above the bottom row is its’ mirror. A good rule is to remember that the digits mirror each other, and you only have to learn half. They are each other.

A o is a 5 and a 5 is a o,

a 1 is a 6 and

a 6 is a 1,

a 2 is a 7 and

a 7 is a 2,

a 3 is an eight and

an 8 is a 3 and

a 4 is a 9 and a 9 is a 4.

Count five down on the original Rundown to get the Mirror. It is always positioned on the 5th down and is always on the left.

The Mirror to 000 is 555. The Mirror position is one point where you will anchor your last draw to see the digits moving horizontally forming 3 digit numbers and often generating hits.Example: Mirror to 456 = 901

  The 111 Minus/123 Plus




The Mate
(only for doubles)

It's as easy as transposing the double digits. (the two digits that are the same) example 665 is 556 and vica versa

If it is in your budget always play the mate when you play a double

The TotalSubtract the number from 999 DO NOT CARRY! example 999-088=911



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